About Me

I talk and write about design, learning and technology.

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Future Builders - we help people build their careers and businesses build their future workforce. Ensuring people remain relevant and companies stay competitive.

I also started a design and training agency called Making Ideas Work. We’re still going, focused mainly on running design sprints for companies & training staff on Design Thinking, Innovation and Tech.

Before this I launched & ran Makers Apprenticeships - a new venture within Makers Academy with the goal to create the leading technology Apprenticeship Programme in the Country. Went from idea to execution and multimillion revenues in 1 year.

Product Director for digital transformation consultancy Freeformers, helping people within large organisations learn about technology and create digital solutions to big problems

Worked in partnership with large global organisations designing people & product solutions to drive customer & staff adoption of digital products & services. Delivered workshops that empower people to think differently and adapt to the digital world, rolled-out global transformation programmes and been a catalyst for internal disruption.

Spencer Ayres

Spencer Ayres